Hang Man


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Hang Man is a popular brain teaser. You can select either Beginner or Advanced level of play.

There are nine word categories: Animals, Food, Holidays, Home, Leisure, Seasons, Sports, Weather, and Misc. The object of the game is to guess the word before you get hung. At the beginning of play you select the letter you want to guess. If your right the letter is displayed, but if you are wrong? See if you can guess the word before your hung!

This is a game that interests people of all ages.

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HangMan V1.0 (1.8 Mb), 30-day trial period
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Source Code

Hang Man was developed using Visual Basic, if you would like the source code, please contact us. Registered users will receive information about latest versions of the program via e-mail.

System Requirements

Hang Man will work on Windows.


Technical support on program features, bug reports, suggestions on improving the program, etc. If reporting a bug, please include information about versions of Windows and product you are using and a detailed description of the problem. Email support.

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